"Who ever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies"
Please email Kim if you have any questions at Kim@vikingsilverlabs.com. 
Call or text Kim at 507-829-3620
Last updated 06/25/2017
Puppies are on the way! Please check the Planned breeding page for additional information
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Avery and Tank's babies arrived 05/25/2017, we have 2 Chocolate (1 Male available), 3 Black Males (3 available), and 1 Black Female (SOLD). Will be ready for New homes 07/21/2017
Tucker and Duck's babies, we have 2 Charcoal males (1 available),  2 Charcoal Females (1 available), 1 Chocolate Male (1 Available), 4 Black Females (available). Will be ready for New homes July 28th.
 Charcoals $1000 AKC Limited and Chocolate and Blacks $800 AKC Limited
Cheyenne and Duck's babies have arrived on May 16th, 2017 They have 1 Silver male (Sold) and 2 Charcoal Females (SOLD) They will be read for their new homes on July 8th.